Vintage Pro Style and Japanese Women's Wrestling!
From Our Private Collection: Introducing the First of Many, hard to find, Rare,Classic Catfights, Pro Style, Bikini Fights and More!

Japanese Women’s Professional Wrestling!Steel Kittens brings to you beautiful, athletic and a spectacular performers along with big strong and powerful wrestling women in some of the hottest Japanese Professional Women’s Wrestling of the day! Featuring the little fireball Cuty Suzuki, the exotic and skilled Mayumi Ozaki, Strong and powerful women wrestlers like Chigusa Nagayo, Dynamite Kansai, and Toshiyo in wild, non stop, pro wrestling action!See More...

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7 Vintage 1950's Ladies Professional Wrestling Matches! From our Private Collection, Steel Kittens brings you Vintage Professional Ladies Wrestling Circa 1940’s – 1950’s. This is rare footage from 16mm film of live matches Featuring Classic Lady Wrestlers like Ella Waldeck, June Byers, Lilly Bitter, Jane Mull and unknown ladies a the Civic Auditorium in Hollywood, CA. These ladies really know how to put on a show! Great Classic Pro Wrestling Action from the glory days of wrestling! Digitized, some matches have live audio others have sound overlay. If you’re a collector of Ladies Professional Wrestling, this tape is a must!See More...

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* Featured Matches:
* Busty and Beautiful! Female Wrestling!
* Gorgeous Babe Domination!
* Bikini Babes Battle!
* Sexy T*pless Mixed Wrestling!
* Amateur She Fights!
* Passion and Pain! Mixed Wrestling!
* Vintage Ladies Wrestling!

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